Issues – Pets

Millions of cats and dogs continue to be euthanized every year because there are no homes for them.

Companion Animal Adoption
There are many good reasons for adopting rather purchasing pets from stores that obtain animals from mills — chief among them is the fact that you’ll be helping to reduce the number of homeless animals rather than creating an incentive for more animals to be bred.

CatSpaying and Neutering
Spaying and neutering provide both medical and behavioral benefits and help to reduce animal homelessness.

Puppy Mills
Dogs in many puppy mills are kept in deplorable conditions.

Animal Cruelty
Animal cruelty can take the form of deliberate abuse or a failure to provide proper care. The victim can suffer terribly either way.

Veterinary Care
Pets require proper medical care to be healthy.

Companion Animal Obesity
A majority of pets in some countries are significantly overweight.

Outdoor Cats
Pet cats allowed to go outdoors face many hazards to which the animals otherwise would not be exposed. Among the threats are predators, disease, moving vehicles, parasites and poison.

Declawing is not some sort of specialized manicure that only a veterinarian can do — it is painful and often debilitating amputation of the toe bones that contain the claws.

Secondhand Smoke
Secondhand smoke is even more dangerous to pets than it is to people.

Household Fires
Household fires continue to cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of pets in the United States each year.

DogPet Theft
Pet theft often is committed by dogfighters seeking animals to use in contests, for breeding or as training bait.

The “sport” remains widespread even where it is illegal.

The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is an annual event that is run through some of the most remote areas in Alaska between Anchorage and Nome. Competitors and their dog teams often encounter blizzards, gale-force winds and freezing temperatures.

Dog Meat
People in much of the world view dogs as companions or protectors but in some parts of Asia dogs continue to suffer terribly as victims of the trade in dog meat for human consumption.

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