Animal Matters™ is a volunteer-run organization dedicated to promoting the welfare of wild, companion, farm and laboratory animals throughout the world through online advocacy. We work online because we believe doing so is the most cost-effective way of accomplishing our mission.

We strive to help bring about a world in which:

1) individuals wear only plant-based or synthetic clothing;
2) only alternatives to laboratory tests involving use of animals are carried out;
3) all of the food we eat comes from plants or is cultured meat;
4) there are no more homeless cats and dogs;
5) people no longer kill animals merely for “sport” or out of tradition; and
6) the sixth mass extinction has ended.

ChickensWe believe that all of our goals are achievable and probably could already have been achieved if reducing the amount of suffering of animals had been made a higher priority.

We also believe that achieving many of the goals is in our own self-interest. Ending the practice of factory farming for example would greatly reduce the contributions to climate change we make.

We do not seek funding. We instead urge individuals to donate to one or more of the thousands of government-sanctioned not-for-profit animal welfare organizations in the world.

We also urge individuals to contribute to the improvement of animal welfare by taking it into account when making family size, dietary, energy usage and other lifestyle choices. As an animal welfare activist named John Musso once said, “We must do more than just cry out against the suffering of animals others are causing. We must look at how we ourselves are affecting animals through the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the household products we buy — the list goes on. Only then will we be immune from the criticism of others crying out against the suffering of animals others are causing.”

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