Issues – Laboratory Animals

Medical Experiments
Animals are used as models for studying human biology and disease and as test subjects for the development of drugs, vaccines and other biologicals.

Researchers are attempting to grow within animals human organs that can be used for transplantation.

Consumer Products Testing
The governments of most countries still permit the use of animals in the testing of cosmetics, household products and other items.

RabbitBioterrorism Research by Governments
There has been an increase in use of animals to study chemical and biological agents to counter bioterrorism.

Weapons Testing
Military agencies test a variety of weapons on animals.

Scientific Validity
Scientists are increasingly questioning the scientific validity of animal experimentation.

Almost all attempts to clone farm, companion and other animals continue to result in death, deformities or severe health problems.

Classroom Dissection
Classroom dissection is harmful to animals, academically unnecessary, hazardous to the environment, desensitizing and economically wasteful.

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