Learn about poaching, habitat destruction, climate change, extinction and other wildlife-related issues.

“Get the facts” about wildlife.

News About Wildlife

Study Reveals Half of Corals in Great Barrier Reef Have Died Since 2016

Undercover Investigation Exposes Illegal Badger-Baiting Network in Wales

Extent of Poaching of Native Mule Deer in Central Oregon Revealed


Read quotes about wildlife from David Attenborough, Jane Goodall, Pope Francis, Carl Sagan and others.


Learn about overpopulation, dogfighting, declawing, companion animal theft and other pet-related issues.

“Get the facts” about pets.

News About Pets

Sixteen Horses Die in Large Barn Fire at Stables Located in Toronto

Teacher Arrested After Allegedly Feeding Puppy to Turtle in Front of Students

Authorities Shut Down Puppy Mill in California Found Being Run Illegally


Read quotes about pets from Betty White, Sigmund Freud, James Cromwell, Jeff Kelly and others.

Farm Animals

Learn about factory farming, cockfighting, so-called “ag-gag” laws and other farm animal-related issues.

“Get the facts” about farm animals.

News About Farm Animals

Severe Mistreatment of Pigs by Workers at Farm in England Revealed

Truckers’ Strike Prompts Killing of Millions of Chickens in Brazil

Almost 400 Roosters Seized During Raid on Alleged Cockfighting Ring


Read quotes about farm animals from Paul McCartney, Alec Baldwin, Philip Lymbery and others.

Laboratory Animals

Guinea Pigs
Learn about vivisection, xenotransplantation, cloning and other laboratory animal-related issues.

“Get the facts” about laboratory animals.

News About Laboratory Animals

Deaths of Animals Resulting from Errors in University Laboratory Revealed

Two California Fruit Commissions End Use of Animals in Experiments

Volkswagen to End Funding of Emissions Tests Involving Animals


Read quotes about laboratory animals from Ellen DeGeneres, Bob Barker, Charles Magel and others.

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