Learn about poaching, habitat destruction, climate change, extinction and other wildlife-related issues.

“Get the facts” about wildlife.

News About Wildlife

Canadian Government Pledges Funding for Conservation of Whales

Killing of Jaguar Leaves Only One Remaining in Wild in United States

Law-Enforcement Officials in Vietnam Seize 74 Pangolins from Truck Driver


Read quotes about wildlife from David Attenborough, Jane Goodall, Pope Francis, Carl Sagan and others.


Learn about overpopulation, dogfighting, declawing, companion animal theft and other pet-related issues.

“Get the facts” about pets.

News About Pets

Protests Against Consumption of Dog Meat in South Korea Planned

Delta Airlines Bans ‘Pit Bull-Type’ Service and Emotional-Support Dogs

Illegal Sales in Chicago of Puppies Obtained from Breeders Revealed


Read quotes about pets from Betty White, Sigmund Freud, James Cromwell, Jeff Kelly and others.

Farm Animals

Learn about factory farming, cockfighting, so-called “ag-gag” laws and other farm animal-related issues.

“Get the facts” about farm animals.

News About Farm Animals

Photographs of Salmon on Fish Farms in Scotland Spark Outrage

Alleged Neglect of Chickens by Farmers Prompts SPCA Investigation

Australian Government Suspends License of Farm-Animal Exporter


Read quotes about farm animals from Paul McCartney, Alec Baldwin, Philip Lymbery and others.

Laboratory Animals

Learn about vivisection, xenotransplantation, cloning and other laboratory animal-related issues.

“Get the facts” about laboratory animals.

News About Laboratory Animals

University Ends Use of Live Animals in Pediatric Residency Programs

Dutch Government Orders Laboratory to Reduce Use of Animals

Government of Brazil Prohibits Dissection of Animals in Classrooms


Read quotes about laboratory animals from Ellen DeGeneres, Bob Barker, Charles Magel and others.

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